Manufacturing of high-quality signs from masters with 10 years of experience!

LED signs, Volume letters, Light boxes, Acrylites, Large format printing, Car branding.

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What are we doing

Advertising agency “Stardust” is engaged in a wide range of tasks in the production and placement of advertising – from graphic design and printing to the production of advertising structures.

Everything about working with us!

Dear visitors, the principle of our company is based on transparency, cooperation, personal responsibility of each employee, and compliance with the rules, requirements and agreements. In this section, we have collected the most common questions that arise during the implementation of projects.

Layouts, images, photo examples, links.

So that we can sort out what design or service is required for you, you will be required to send at least a photo example of such a structure

The address of the object, installation work, features of the building.

The first thing to bear in mind that in different places of accommodation has its own specific rules and regulations. It is also extremely important for us to see a photo of the installation site.

Events affecting the production time.

All products manufactured by us are carried out according to the schedule in stages, therefore, when calculating the production time, it is extremely important to take this moment into account.


So that we can contact you, it is desirable to leave contact details in an e-mail signature - direct mobile phone is the best option

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